Warrior, it means Warrior.

I am a योद्धा

I’m battle weary with just enough left to fight the final fight. This is it.. September 16th, Testing begins.

Our plans all had to change again, we had lots of plans that could have generated income to help. We were approached when we asked for help with a website – we paid half up-front they said they would build it. We were told it was ready, so we paid the final part & then the stories started, lots of excuses and lies.

We were running out of time and this was putting everything on hold, rebranding for the successful #FabFudge business all put on hold for a greedy person who wanted to get easy money from us & saw an opportunity to steal. Don’t worry too much about that, we will be seeing that fella in court.

In the meantime, life still had to go on. A fire walk was planned & fun was had! Yes, it was hot! There is a way of doing it without harm so you should go to an organised event if you wish to take part, it’s one of those things that certainly ticks a Bucket List!

Don’t be scared, trust me   🙂

We knew money was going to be tight & I was getting tired. I realised that treatment in Russia was only just a pipe dream.

No matter how hard I tried, the money just wasn’t there. I’d never be good at being a chugger, I sucked at fundraising.

I had to rethink India, which broke my heart. I felt petrified of past events there, but with a good talk with the administrators at the hospital a carer was found to stay with me throughout my time in isolation. My family have to stay home (work/pets/etc).  My carer had HSCT last year at the same hospital.

We email, we link up with video calls.  We are ready for this. I feel better knowing I have someone there who knows what will happen to me – I feel safe.

I am a warrior and I’ll see you on the other side.

https://www.gofundme.com/RebootMe&rcid=r01-153289210093-d523d19ed61a4951&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w     (we don’t get all the amount you send, gofundme do take a cut)


Please do keep giving, I have Physio to learn to walk again when I return.





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