Getting close

I know I know,

I’m not very good at keeping this blog up to date.  Honestly I have had so much going on.

Worked all the way up to and including Christmas Eve selling fudge, then spent the following week mostly in bed, exhausted. I remember sat up in bed Christmas morning whilst my hubby gave me my gifts, then falling asleep for several hours, I had pushed my body so hard to get to Christmas Eve knowing I would have a week before returning to my day job.

And so What have I been up to for a past few months…

I took a break from the market stall for a few weeks, although we are now in a lovely new location.  St Nicholas Market here in Bristol. Every Saturday until just before I leave for India.

Our local shop Southville Deli in North Street and in Church Road, sell our fudge, running out often, great reviews from the staff and the customers.  So glad you guys love our fudge.

We had our inspection from the local council for food and hygiene   we got a 5 😀    Although we need bigger premises soon, we are growing which is amazing.

Remortgaging the house to help towards the cost of the treatment, that’s the husband poor now,  I still love him 🙂


More updates soon, just wanted to let you guys know i was still here, just so busy with the day job, the fudge job and the fundraising.



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