It is with sadness that I had to cancel my treatment for HSCT at Artemis Hospital in India.

We were so close to me starting my treatment.

There are issues with infection control there especially with Klebsiella pneumoniae.

It is with regret that two wonderful women in the past week have lost their lives during treatment. With patients contracting infections whilst in hospital, although being treated, it was too much for me.  HSCT is a horrific treatment for your body to endure, complications can be deadly if not dealt with and kept under control. The staff are loving and caring but watching videos and blogs of past patients, it is worrying for me that not all staff in your isolation room wear appropriate apparel at all times, gloves or masks missing.

It is a terrible time of sadness of two warriors who lost their battle, my heart goes out to their families at this most difficult time. I will leave their names out, the families need time to grieve.


I have cancelled my treatment for India due to being scared, I will be there on my own with no family or friends, lost in translation. The hospital I believe is not ready for international patients.


I had already given up my previous Russian date for HSCT in favour for the cheaper treatment in India money which we (thanks to you all) had managed to raise $30k.  I have emailed The A.A. Maximov Department of Haematology and Cellular Therapy, National Pirogov Medical Surgical Centre in Moscow, asked if I could be added back onto the list knowing I will be at the back of the queue. They accepted me again. I will now need to raise a further $20k.  I guess you get what you pay for. Moscow is one of the leading if not the best treatment centres in the world for HSCT.

And so back of the queue so maybe be 2018.  Of course, as and when I have the full $50k I can let them know I have the money and ready to go.

It is with a heavy heart one step forward, two steps back. But I am now halfway with the fundraising.

My thoughts are with the families of two amazing MS Warriors who fought a hard battle,



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