Wow what brilliant news I have.

Whilst constantly researching facilities around the world that treat MS with HSCT, I found India.

A new facility that has started taking patients. And a bonus of being cheaper, about £23,793.38 rather than the £39,655.63 it would cost for Russia. Which would of included several thousand every 6 months to get MRI’s for Russia, dashing around London for special visa’s. Not to mention hotel costs for anyone wanting to come out to see me whilst i was there for a month.

Now the protocol for India is the same near as, as King’s Hospital here in the UK and seeing I don’t fit their criteria this makes sense to find one that does.

It’s also a JCI-USA Accredited Hospital so you can image the weight that holds too.



And so I have been given the date of 3rd of June 2017. So 6 months to find £20,000. no pressure.

So please please please spread the word, I need help and fast.

It’s getting real now, I’m excited, scared..


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