Russia loves us MS patients

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Russia is becoming more popular in the world as a country where saving health. The number of foreigners who come to us for treatment. Over the past year, according to official figures, the number of foreign patients has increased by 16%.  Attracts value for money, as well as the latest achievements of domestic medicine. For example, an innovative method of treatment, which is used by doctors from the Moscow center of the Pirogov allowed to save the patient from Scotland, her homeland was considered hopelessly ill. Our correspondent Andrey Ivlev continue.

Her portrait on the front pages of international publications. Plaid Lucy Clark, patients with multiple sclerosis, survived thanks to Russian doctors. The operation was a bone marrow transplant it successfully conducted at the Center named after Pirogov in Moscow.

Lucy Clark: “The disease is not progressing. I see positive changes. With their every day more and more.Russian doctors gave me a chance! I feel more active. Despite the fact that I still walk with a stick, I can swim and I start again to ride a bike. ”

Going to Russia Lucy Clark decided after from it, in fact, refused to doctors at home. Hopelessly ill considered patient and European doctors. The woman even wrote a will, going on an operation in Russia. But a miracle happened. Not only as a miracle cure now calls his and engineer from New Zealand Simon Makkarroll.Recently, in the center of it is men Pirogov also underwent surgery for a bone marrow transplant. The procedure was successful.

Simon Makkarroll: “Why am I here? The answer is very simple: it is the best hospital in the world. After the treatment, I plan to go home, get some rest and re-engage in their favorite work, for which I have missed ”

Today, Simon came to visit his sister. She admits that was delighted to see his brother in a good mood.

Janelle Maxwell, Sister Simon Makkarrolla: “Simon is very positive, very calm and happy with the treatment in the clinic. As it turned out, the transplantation of stem cells -. It’s not scary ”

Today in the Department of 9 foreigners. Europeans discover for themselves the Russian medicine and does not cease to be surprised how well that their homeland is considered to be a hopeless case, here know how to fight and do it for a long time.

Vladimir Melnichenko, Head of the Department of Hematology and cell therapy NMHTS them.N.Pirogova: “Russia and the medical-surgical center today have the greatest experience in the application of this technique for the treatment of immune diseases and multiple sclerosis in particular, so foreigners trust us and go to be treated as nonstrange in Russia.”

Stem cell transplantation, or as it is called bone marrow transplant something similar to a blood transfusion. The operation is carried out with a special tool. Doctors call it a cell separator.

Denis Fedorenko, haematologist department of hematology and cell therapy NMHTS them. N.Pirogova:“There is a fairly powerful computer. Sterile system is loaded into the flask and is connected to the patient.Tsentrifuga carried blood components, and a powerful laser separates blood components based on optical density. ”

In the human stem cells are injected through the IV. One such cell is able to provide a multitude of cellular progeny, that allows you to restore the bone marrow. The operation is absolutely necessary in the treatment of immune diseases and multiple sclerosis.

This laboratory – a sort of inner sanctum of the Pirogov Center. All tests related to the study of blood, held here.Patients preparing for a bone marrow transplant, a special attention. Now the treatment procedure are 10 people, 9 of whom are foreigners. Muscovite Vyacheslav Buldygin in the clinic is the only Russian patient.

Vyacheslav Buldygin: “Treat is great. Take, unfortunately. Not all. If the process went too far, it is too late.Strike while the iron is hot”.

Neighborhood foreigners Vyacheslav glad. He says it’s nice to see their surprise and sincere joy when they learn that the disease recedes. It gives a sense of pride for the country and domestic science. And of course while they are all together in one department can be a little brush up on the language, and even more than one.Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden. Geography patients confidence of Russian doctors continued to expand. And for experienced surgeons, conducting operations on transplantation of stem cells, the main thing, of course, not the quantity, but the result, especially when it is for patients – a real miracle.


I can’t wait to go now, so I can be saved too.  I won’t survive like this long term that we do know 🙁



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